The Team

 Assylkhan Nurgaliyev, Co-Founder and Screenwriter


Assylkhan Nurgaliyev was born in 1985 in Atyrau city of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2007 he gained his Bachelor degree in Economics from the Kazakh-British Technical University. In 2009, accomplished Masters in Public Administration through ‘Bolashak’ international scholarship program of the President of Kazakhstan at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. Since 2010, he is continuing education via doctoral program – Ph.D. in Social Policy and Administration.

Since 2009, Asylkhan Nurgaliyev has worked in the structures at the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the Central office of the Nur Otan party, at the Central office of JSC ‘NC ‘Kazmunaigas’, and also at the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation. During the 2016–2017 years Assylkhan was working as the Director Advisor at the Center for Political Analysis and Strategic Studies at the Nur Otan party in Astana, Kazakhstan. Since 2017, he is the Country Director for the London School of Skills Development in Kazakhstan.

Assylkhan Nurgaliyev is the author of many publications for analytical sources of the CIS countries. His research interests are as follows: public administration, party system, political parties, nationalism, economic development, institutions, social contract, Marxism, Post-Soviet concepts, and developments.

Assylkhan Nurgaliyev participated in many scientific, social and sports events, conferences as a speaker, organizer, and coordinator. He is the author of short and medium-format films. At the moment, Assylkhan is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Dara Light Media Productions.


Raikhan Nurgaliyeva, Co-Founder and Film Director


In 2007 after completion of her 10th grade in high school, Raikhan Nurgaliyeva won American “FLEX” (Future Leaders of Exchange Program) scholarship competition and studied 10 months in Ohio state in the United States. This was an invaluable experience as it was the first time that taught her to live in the absolutely new environment.

Raikhan Nurgaliyev received her first higher education in journalism and later she continued as a film director in the Academy named after T. Zhurgenev in Almaty. In 2010 aiming to deepen her knowledge she was successful in her application to New York Film Academy in New York through state scholarship program Bolashak and graduated with the distinction.

Raikhan started her work experience at the ‘Bilim & Madeniet’ TV channel. In 2015 she decided to further her understanding in filmmaking and received a place for her masters at the EICAR (Paris film school). At the present time, Raikhan works as the film director at the TV and radio complex of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Moreover, Raikhan is an author, screenwriter, and director of many short and medium films and commercials. In her leisure time, Raikhan loves to sing playing on the piano, also playing the guitar, reading and learning languages. Raikhan freely speaks Kazakh, Russian, English, and French. Raikhan is the alumni of the UCLA’s special program for film directors.


Tigran Mutafyan, Cinematographer


Over the last 20 years, Mr. Mutafyan has carved himself into a promising career characterized by hard work, passion, and honesty. He is a specialist of visual storytelling, which is deeply rooted in him due to his intensive five-year filmmaking training in the methods of Stanislavski’s ways of narration. He brings a sense of life to his images, which is a skill that is at the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Embracing the core values of the creative art form, Mr. Mutafyan consistently incorporates entertainment and enlightenment in all his films.


Roberto Ricci, Cinematographer


Roberto Ricci is a cinematographer with over 13 years of experience behind the camera. He is known for approaching cinematography with the sensibility of a director. Originally from Italy, Roberto began to study film in Florence and eventually came to Los Angeles to attend New York Film Academy, where he received his BFA in Filmmaking. After graduation, Roberto shot various feature films, documentaries, short films and a TV series in Europe, China, and Brazil. His latest feature film was filmed in 2016. Roberto is based in Los Angeles, CA.


Other Team Members

Surya Dev, Editor (Paris, France)



Lamine Bouaziz, Sound designer (Algiers, Algeria)